Professional journey

  1. ePages - UI Designer

    Designing user interfaces for an e-commerce platform. Having the merchant's needs in mind and good usability is key here. Also I am working on the storefront enabling the merchants to create beautiful online shops with our themes and components.

  2. Dataport - Trainee Web Development

    Working for a public company developing online services for citizens. Exciting work because it was actively improving people's lives. Tasks included enhancing the UI and its components as well as an emphasis on accessibilty.

  3. MYLILY - Frontend Designer & Shop Admin

    Allrounder tech admin position. Working with Shopify to improve the shop's look & performance. Implementing e-commerce best practices, managing the company's blog with Wordpress. Extending the visiblity of the online shop by implementing marketing camaigns & SEO.

  4. FH Westk├╝ste - B. Sc. Management & Technology

    Started my studies right after school. They were not only theoretical but also practical. Did an internship in Austria for Bosch. Eventually I knew where i wanted to go professionally so I started self teaching myself web development. This is where my passion for web design began.

  5. Gymnasium Wentorf - Abitur

    Graduated in 2015 with the Abitur and an emphasis on languages: English, French & Spanish.